Tuesday, November 3, 2009

scene analysis

 In the Mood for Love

I chose the scene when Li-zhen is going to get noodles. The opening of that scene we hear Yumeji's Theme (written by Umebayashi Shigeru). A low angle shot of a women holding a bucket. We don't see her face but we already know that its Li-zhen, by her graceful walk and one of her many beautiful dresses. Camera follows her up the dark alley down the stairs. I think that Wang used that shot to emphasize our characters emotional state. We don't see where the stairs lead her, the only thing we see is her going down, bellow the ground as representation of her own hell. Next shot we see her waiting for noodles, she is surrunded by people but she doesn't talk or look at anyone. The cinematography in this shot helps us to sense her emotional state. We see a big shadow over her  silhouette, to show her isolation and distance from her environment.

 Then camera starts to follow her as she walks out of the alley and up the stairs where the camera stops as she walks out of the shot. The next thing we see is Mo-wan walking into the shot and camera starts panning, following him the same way it did with Liz-zhen. Heavy use of slow motion was used to show characters paralyzed state of mind. They are lost in their routine of doing same thing over and over again, going to work, getting noodles and accepting the unfaithfulness of their spouses.  In that scene we don't see our protagonists ever stopping and having a conversation with each other, when she is walking up the stairs he is walking down. Yet we get a sense of developing bond between them. 

The continue editing was used to show a slow passage of time, to emphasize our characters routine. In mise en scene Wong uses Liz-zhen dresses to show the passing of days in that scene as well as thought the movie. In my opinion that scene plays one of the most important roles in the movie, for it establishes characters emotional bond as well as resemblance in each other lives.  The use of cinematography, cuts and mise en scene shows us the psychological state of characters. The scene ends with slow motion shot of rain on the sidewalk as the reflection of Liz-zhen and Mo-wan feelings.

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