Monday, October 6, 2008

Fourth Post - McGuirk

Garden State (2004)

Directed By: Zach Braff

Scene: "Spin the Bottle"

Shot Distance: In this scene, most of the shots are medium close-ups, with the actors being shown from the chest up. At points towards the end of the scene, medium long shots and medium shots are used slightly.

Lens: Normal lens is used throughout the scene until the end as it becomes fast-motion. At this point, a telephoto lens is used to single-in on Zach Braff, making him clear and the other people around him out of focus.

Movement of Camera: The camera is still for the entire scene.

Lighting: The main source of light appears to be coming from little lamps around the house. The lighting is mostly high key with little to no shadows.

Movement in Foreground/Background: Most of the movement of actors takes place in the foreground. We are focused in on the game and the people playing it.

Camera Speed: The start of this scene is at normal pace. It then becomes slow-motion as the other actors start the game. It goes back to normal when Zach Braff's character is told the bottle stopped on him and the girl kisses him. Then the pace goes into fast-motion as his character is more affected by the drug he took earlier.

Framing: The main frame is the camera. I didn't see any signs of other framing in this scene.

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Naima Lowe said...

Great. You've done a good job of letting us understand the details of the shots throughout the scene. In a scene like this, where you've got so much similarity shot by shot, it might be useful to pay even closer attention to the moments when something changes.