Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I'm in the mood for love.

“I’m in the mood for love” has a constant theme of repetition. Through out the entire film the couple always meets in the same locations such as the noodle store and the alleyway under the window close to the corner of a building. Not only do the characters do things in repetition but also the film makes repeated use the same two songs, a song of plucking and a song with Spanish lyrics. The song that is in Spanish is translated to “Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps”. The Spanish song always played when the situation seemed neutral between the two characters. When I say neutral I mean that the characters wanted to act upon their feelings for the other character but could not because they wanted to remain faithful to the spouses even though there spouses were not faithful to them. The plucking song is always played once we see a character is changing in some way. The plucking song was played when one of the characters was changing the way they were or we falling for the other character. Not only was the songs repeated but the characters also were repeating these feelings through out the film. This was shown by the use of the music. The use of the same music represents the character’s change that is why the filmmaker used the same music so that the audience could understand (even though there was a language barrier) that the characters were changing.

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