Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The last of The Mohicans

This film takes place during the French and Indian war and is about the dying tribe of the Mohicans in which their are only two left as well as one adopted white man. (Daniel Day Lewis) The Mohicans save the daughters of a British officer and Hawkeye falls in love with one of the daughters. While this love story is taking place, the French and Indian war continues.

In Act 1, we are introduced to our Protagonist, Hawkeye and we learn that the English want the Mohicans to enter into their militia. In Act 1, we are also introduced to our Antagonist Magua who wants to take revenge on the English for murdering his family. When Hawkeye saves Coura Monroe from Magua, we have our inciting incident. Hawkeye and the Mohicans decide to escort Coura back to Fort William Henry clearly because Hawkeye is falling in love with Coura and that is our first plot push. During Act 2, Coura and Hawkeye make love and Hawkeye has made the decision to stay with her. When Hawkeye is captured for helping his friends escape, we see how Coura has truly fallen for Hawkeye and their love in this film is the most important aspect. When Coura is captured by Magua in Act 3, The Mohicans make the decision to go after her. The Climax of this film is the most important and the art direction of the last twenty mintues of the film is what makes this a beautiful film and a must see. Daniel Day Lewis and Madeline Stowe are truly captivating in their role and the cinematography along with score make this film a masterpiece

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J. Schneider said...

You are giving a synopsis without making a claim about this film. From now on, assume your reader has already seen the film and therefore knows the plot. Instead of reporting on what's IN the film, say something about how the film works (or doesn't work). This is the main task of a critical essay, and what you should be practicing on the blog. I know you have ideas and insights -- put them into your posts!